Asian-Inspired Style Into Modern Decor

Picture of a livingroom with modern decor

Asian-Inspired Decor : 5 tips to spread zen in your interior.

Massive Asian Style decor is really 2000’s but incorporationg subtle elements of Asia in your Modern Interior will still be a strong trend in 2018 !

Design minimalist, Think Efficiently, Live Modern…

Here are our 5 tips to a zen decor.

1-Use Powerful Colors on purpose

Picture of a modern living room

[More examples ]


2-Combine Asian Prints with solid Neutrals

Mix Asian-inspired prints on textiles to create a sophisticated decor. To keep things balanced, incorporate other solids and neutrals into the space as well.

3-Mix Asian elements with modern

Picture of a Asian and modern mixed decor

4-Incorporate screens and lanterns

Shape the space using screens and chinese & japanese lanterns. Design small corners dedicated to meditation or relaxation without the staker boundaries of a real wall. This will allow light and energy to enter every corner of the house as well.

5-Incorporate a Gigantic Silkscreen

Picture of a modern white grey and blue livingroom

Incorporate a gigantic but yet sophisticated chinese silkscreen with light patterns to spread subtle Asian spirit in your modern interior.

Neutral and patterned, rounds and squares, small and wide spaces… Elegance is all about balance in Asia…

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