How to make the most from your hallway

Picture of himapan decoration idea tips for hallway

Hallways are usually difficult to use due to their -too small or too big- size and shape. Here are few tips to make the most from your hallway.

1-Whether it’s family or friends visiting, you will want to make a good first impression ! Make sure to keep the hallway clear by using functional furnishing to maximise the storage space such as cupboards and bench with storage space-for shoes-under the seat.

2-Choose furnitures according to the shape of the room. Use slim-line cupboard and bench in a long-shaped room for example.

3-Give character to your room by painting one wall in a nice – and bright- color while you keep other walls white, specially those already full with frames, hangers or stairway.

4-Choose same colors of the same tone for furnitures and walls, highlight it using decoration items with colors that make a strong contrast.

5-Remove all objects that are not absolutely necessary in this room. Make sure to keep it functional however.

6-Work your wall space ! Use mirror to make your hallway look larger, frames – such as family portraits or pictures of places you like- to personnalize it.

Overall, your hallway must tell your story but keep it minimalist and simple, so your visitors can feel like home.


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