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As one of the world’s most rapidly developing countries in Asia, Thailand has reached the point where social and environmental issues become crucial. Initiatives of sustainability are popping up in Bangkok as a growing environmental awareness in civil society is rising :  Farmer’s organic markets, Green houses and local tourism projects. This might be an opportunity to jump into the economic competition with a strong competitive advantage. Are small family businesses ready to face these challenges ?

Think Local, Act Local

Family-owned businesses are usually small and local which make them a powerful lever on local environment. Instead of using the usual “Think Global, Act Local” why don’t we just start with local scale first ?

As a family company, we are comitted to demonstrate that craftmanship and local wisdoms can play an important role in rural populations empowerment. We promote sustainability and social development for communities we are working with. Indeed, we build our business relationship on trust and long-term cooperation, involving our farmers in the lotus seeds selection process. This leads to better understanding of the craft process and quality standards.

Doing more with less

There’s no doubt that family businesses can take on sustainability even with limited resources : corporate social responsibility, reducing waste, supply chain and responsible sourcing. As an example, all our lotus leaf panels are handcrafted localy to reduce the distance between farms, craftcenter and our boutique. Moreover, we are already using a natural and non-toxic process to treat our leaves. However Himapan is constantly striving to find new environment-friendly supplies. We are currently testing solvent-free painting solutions, decreasing the cardboard used in our packaging in order to save CO2 emissions -by decreasing the weight of the shipped parcels.

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There’s surely a lot ahead to do when it comes to environemental sustainability in Thailand, but we strongly believe that local businesses can make the difference.

We would be delighted to hear about your experience as a family-owned business committed to sustainability.

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