Tropical Leaves : 5 effective ways to reshape your interior

Picture of an interior decor for a living room with monstera plant

Tropical Leaves : 5 effective ways to reshape your interior

In 2018 tropical leaves are more popular than ever ! They may be found everywhere. They are taking over our Instagram & Pinterest feeds, are printed on cushions, furniture, wallpapers, clothes, pictures, etc.. Whether in Scandinavian or Deep Chic interiors, green plants create the natural &  contemporary touch you need to bring life into your interior.

Here are 5 tips to create visual anchors using green leaves that will reshape spaces in your interior :

1-Draw attention to the main element of decoration : Grab a few oversized leaves and keep them on display in a sleek vase, transparent if possible, for an eye catching-effect. Most popular leaves are Monstera deliciosa, Calathea and Marantacereae because they have gorgeous patterning. Tip : Choose to place it on a stylish piece of furniture you want to draw attention to.

Picture of monstera leaves in vase on console
 Décors Verroneau


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2-Create more depth : Dispose cactuses and other succulents in large and medium sized pots on the floor on the side of a room where it’s divided into 2 different functional spaces, or on the side of your stairs to design a pathway. Design a cluster by mixing pots on the floor with pots on modern stands to shape a 3D effect in your space. Tip : This green garden will guide the eyes to the next space, emphasizing the sensation of depth in your living space.

Picture of a terrace with tropical plants Picture of cluster of plants in a bathroom
                                                      Sonnie Hiles                                                                       Airows


3-Make a natural sun net : Hang plants in baskets of different shapes and sizes to a wooden decorative ladder or above a windowsill. Your plants work as a natural screen by filtering light. Our favorites are  Burro’s Tails (Sedum Morganianum),  Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) or  fishbone cactus (Epiphyllum anguliger) that gives more volume to your composition… Tip : In tropical countries, hanging plants is the main mean used to create a natural mosquito net. Replicate it to get ready to enjoy cool summer nights with open windows !

Picture of a windowsill with plants    Picture of plants in post hung in front of a window
                                Homes to Love                                                     The Spruce

4- Emphasize a room function : Mix small & cute plants in pots on a shelf. Green doesn’t have to be boring ! Pick patterned leaves such as Hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum tectorum), Pincushion cactus (Mammillaria), Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), Zebra Plant (Haworthia attenuata), Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) or Roseum (sedum spurium). Your interior will benefit from their various colors and shapes and they will perfectly fit any room, including kitchen and bathroom as long as there’s enough light bathing it ! Tip : To go further in designing your interior, choose your plants according to your room functionality. It’s a great choice to decorate your kitchen’s shelves with aromatic plants. Some of them have lacy shaped leaves and intense colors such as mint, rosemary, coriander or marjoram. Having on hand some aloe vera in your bathroom may be handful to make your own after-sun body lotion !

 Picture of 2 aloe vare in terracota potsPicture of an aloe on a shelf in a bathroom
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5- Fight the monotony by creating temporary compositions for a special occasion. Use leaves as table decoration, whether as table runner or as serving plates when inviting friends, dispose you pots on a shelf that you can move from one space to another and use it as divider… Tip : Plants used as divider are great because they provide a visual fence without preventing light from entering your room. Home isn’t a museum but a living space you can shape to fit your needs as often as you want !

Picture of a table decoration made from monstera leaves
Mary Costa

How are you using tropical leaves at home at the moment ? Any tips or ideas to share ?

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